Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charging Data, Time Management and Flat Rate Whining; Part Two

Probably said all that I can say about Blink's flat $5 fee and how it would hurt both Blink and us. What can I say? Its not like it takes all that many words to figure out that flat rate fees work in lots of cases and fast charging is simply not one of those cases.  It is really that simple.  Anyway, this post will be updated frequently as I gather charge data. Below is first time (in 5 attempts) that I was able to charge until the machine stopped on its own. Using the AV station in Tumwater below. used a  stopwatch with a lap function so time is minutes.seconds.hundreths.  Charge is Kwh. Guess I didn't have to specify I was at an AV charger since Blink treats the charge we get like its proprietary information. It was a sunny day with temps in low 70's.

There is a reason I have advocated charging the lower 2/3rds of the pack and that has nothing to do with heat, degradation, or anything else. It is simply time management. I suffer from what is commonly known as the "I-5 curse" which states that it does not matter which direction of travel you are headed, incidents in EITHER direction will cause you to be stuck in traffic anyway. So the urge to grab a charge and go can be overwhelming at times especially since this week (my weeks start on Saturday) I have been stuck in traffic and both times I would have missed it if I had been a few minutes earlier but then again, I might just be creating drama in my head in order to motivate me to continue my rant against long charges at fast charge stations and companies who encourage such behavior by doing things like flat rate fees...

time          charge     Gid
zero           zero         50
1.20.77      one           ...
1.14.43      two           ...
1.13.99      three         ...
1.14.96      four         103
1.23.45      five          114
1.29.10      six            125
1.41.15      seven       137
1.45.82      eight       147
2.03.08     nine          160
2.21.60     ten            172
2.41.82      11            183
3.16.88       12           196
4.00.09       13           211
2.24.00      13.48       219

total time 28.11.12  SOC 78%.
Time to get first 52% of the charge; 9 minutes 37.83 seconds
Time to get last 48% of the charge; 18 minutes 33.29 seconds
Time to get to 65% SOC; 18 minutes 30.15 seconds
Time to charge from 65% (my recommended stopping point) to 78%; 9 minutes 40.97 seconds

The bolded times designates either 7 kwh verses 2.48 kwh.  Now the slower time is still gaining you about a mile a minute in range so still "worthy" but you can see that as soon as it hits 65%, the rate really starts to drop off fast and keep in mind; I did not even get to 80%.

I did a charge at the Blink at Tahoma Market and although it was set to 80% (and it went to 80% earlier in the week) the charge stopped at 70.1%!  So next time I will probably set the charge to 100% with SOC meter on to track it...

To be continued;

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