Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 2015 Driving Stats Along With ANOTHER Reason Why Gas Does Not Work!

Ok, it my fault. I do not lock my car when its sitting at home which it has been doing a lot of lately but then again, pretty sure that this did not happen at home. So what did happen?

Well, it could be

1) My gas tank is leaking

2) Evaporation was greater than expected in the 7 week time frame between fill ups

3) I was ROBBED!!!

Recently a fellow EVer/Earth lover ran his Tesla dead unexpectedly. He surmised that it was likely vampire drain of leaving his key fob sitting in his cupholder (thought I was trusting??) that did him in.  I say to him; at least you only have vampire drains to worry about!

So based on my MPG actual verses what I would normally expect to get, I guess I "donated" roughly 4 gallons of gasoline to some deserving soul...

I do take solace in the fact that the theft did not likely take place while parked in my driveway but anyway, moving on!!

So, the Corolla traveled 253 miles in April (barely since it drove April 1st and the 27th) for a cost of about $27.80 or just under 11 cents per mile. non theft estimate drops it to roughly 7 cents per mile. Again these are estimates based on fill ups March 1st and April 27th, but close enough!

The LEAF went 1199.8 miles for total cost of $28.15 averaging 2.34 cents per mile. There was $8.54 in public charging costs. Roughly without public charging, it would have been closer to 1.8 cents per mile but ah well! Its all good.

Recent reports out of the Middle East claims that Big Oil will be manipulating supplies to keep prices low. This is disappointing. There will be people lulled into thinking that its ok to burn a bunch since its nearly "pain free." But, lets face it. Some people have really weird thought processes.  Sanctions against Iran are expected to be lifted creating an even greater oversupply of oil on the market while the US achieves record volumes of oil pumped within its own boundaries.  Prices this Summer should be the lowest in 11 years with the average household expected to pay $700 less for fuel annually.

WA State and the Federal Government should be taking this opportunity to raise gas taxes. The need for the additional revenue is a constant long with gasoline's many detrimental side effects, its past time for a more balanced sheet.

Finally; Batt Stat Watch.   Low water mark for the month; Ahr, 60.89, Hx, 93.59%,  GIDs. 264, kwh Available, 20.5.   Last full charge of the month (yesterday) 62.91/96.73%/273/21.2


  1. Aw, crud. That's just wrong. With the value that gasoline has, it shouldn't be open for stealing or anything like that. I mean, that can put you in a real state of emergency, when your car stops and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. At least there's oil service that brings the oil to you.

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company

    1. There are towing services with truck mounted generators powerful enough to give an EV a 10 mile boost in 15 minutes as well so gasoline is not the only source of power than can be delivered. But I agree that stealing gas should not still be an issue but there is the issue of a widening gap between the haves and have nots. Can't say that this is the problem (most likely teenagers or something) but who knows?