Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Topping Off Part 2

I mentioned that I started topping off the pack to see if it would help with my range and it has given me a few miles but I also noticed another thing; the topped off GIDs seem to last longer.  So I decided to measure it to see.

First I did the regular charging thing. Leave times ran usually 5:30-6 AM with finish charge times running 1-3 AM. So the "chart" below lists starting GID then miles driven on first 5 GID and total miles driven for first 10 GID


The next set of numbers is having charge complete (usually by 1-2 AM or at least 3 hours before estimated leave time. Purposely tried to finish charge earlier to account for any possible balancing)

Then I simply unplugged the car and plugged it back in. Did my normal morning routine then took off. My intention was to check before and after GIDs but had two 4 AM starts last week so that plan got derailed by the snooze button...)

250/1.5/3.1**  Late start no headlights but seems to have not made much of a difference.

As you can see, adding a tiny bit of "fresh" charge  seems to give me up to an extra ½ mile of range for the first 10 GID. As far as why its happening? dont know but does seem fairly repeatable.

Any thoughts?

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