Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blink QC's Starting $5 Fees in Northwest

By now, anyone in the EV world has heard that Ecotality is on the skids. They have not honored their contractual obligations with the Feds (that is a HUGE understatement!)  and so the Feds stopped paying them.

So the much desired DCFCs slated for the Olympic Peninsula and other areas like South Pierce County are most likely on permanent hold which is a huge disappointment to me. The mention of a fast charger in DuPont put a smile on my face and would have been a perfect place to put one for my commute north and would really be helpful especially now that my LEAF is finally starting to lose some range.

So its a bit strange that yesterday I received an email advising that starting tomorrow, Ecotality will start the $5 per session fees for their fast charge stations. So despite a huge uproar over the injustice of such a thing, they went ahead and did it anyway.

Well, someone (from Ecotality I am fairly sure) said that the current software was unable to bill by time or the amount of charge taken.  Which really means the station does not have the ability to provide instant feedback as to the cost of the charge at the end of the session.  Well, if that is all that is standing in the way, then bring it on! If need be, I can log into the Blink website the next day and find out what the charges were. I am ok with that. They do tell you how much charge you took so charging by the Kwh is doable. And they also tell you the duration of the charge so charging by time is doable so all the tools to bill by time or charge is available but just not instantaneously.  So lets see just how easy it would be!

I went to my Blink link and logged in.  After a bit of wandering, I found what I was looking for...

here is copy of transaction I made. Got this info from

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