Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fighting Father Time

Well it took 5,000 miles before the declined started and its dropping like a rock.  Remember just a week ago I was bragging about my battery health?  had an Hx of 107.15% and SOH pegged at 100 %?

Remember, this was after a quick charge at Puyallup Nissan and I have always gotten a boost in Hx after a quick charge event which made me think that my battery simply liked warmer weather.

Well, the weather has been warmer especially Monday, two days ago when we had our warmest day of the year.  But my Hx went down.  I admit I did not quick charge.  Then, I had a day off,  a short drive day, a local job and now I get in the car and see this

So now  its 8 days and 300 miles later and what a difference!  I guess I have to say that after 5,000 plus miles, I should have lost something but wondering if this is a permanent thing?

Stay tuned; I may be swinging by a quick charge station more to see what happens than a need to extend my range.



  2. Thanks Matt and my phone definitely does that but it only gets internet when I take it home so I take pix on the road and send with the phone i use for phone stuff