Friday, April 4, 2014

March 2014 Drive Report.

WOW!! for the first time I am really seeing a benefit of the LEDs installed almost 2 months ago on my electric bill. My usage has really gone down. Now part of that was my yard light getting damaged in a storm early last month which I still have not replaced yet along with time change meaning more daylight in the evening.   But my total usage was only 604 Kwh which is a good 80 kwh below my average.

The Corolla drove 854.7 miles burning about $74 in gas for a cost of 8.7 cents per mile.  Sticking with as little in town driving as possible with minimal short trips, I was still able to average 39.5 MPG Work reimbursement amounted to $232.57 which lowers my lifetime TCO on the car to 89 cents per mile over the 2800 miles driven since purchase.   Gas prices are really starting to jump here going up over 25 cents a gallon during the month so might be parking the Corolla a lot more this month.

The LEAF drove 1324.6 miles using $28.54 in electricity costing 2.15 cents per mile.  I did not charge publicly during the month (Something that only lasted till April 1st) and did drive the Corolla a few times for work to destinations well within the LEAF's range, once because the Corolla had sat for over two weeks and wanted to drive it to keep it from decaying away. (cars that sit too long around here uncovered in Winter tend to get pretty musty and moldy after a while)  I actually went so far as to drive to a job wearing shorts and a t-shirt with the heat blasting away, changing clothes in the bathroom. I was there 45 mins early so it was an easy thing to do.  The other reason is that I am on pace to go way over my lease mileage limit so thought I should spread the wealth a little.  Work reimbursement amounted to $283.25 bringing TCO to 14.46 cents per mile.

Other than that, no other expenses to report other than the basic lease payment on the LEAF and insurance on both cars.  As far as health goes, there is still no sign of degradation at all according to LEAF Spy at 41 miles shy of 5,000 miles.

For the next two months, I will be going on Vacation 3 times including Disney at the end of April and my Son's High School graduation at the end of May so less driving probably.  Until next month!

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