Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 Stats

October Driving Stats for 

2010 Prius.................................2011 Nissan Leaf..............
miles/ cost
1046.1 miles/ $81.01.................1456 miles/$17.55 

Once again, quick remains free. That I suspect will change within the next few months and I did get a lot of free juice with accounts for the low charging cost on the LEAF.  I estimated near $20 in free juice acquired for the month. 

Now the Prius did benefit from much lower fuel prices. Our gas prices had spiked for most of October due "concerns" over the supply issues in California.  Ya see, California had a shutdown of refineries for a formula switch over to winter fuel and at the same time had  a fire at one of the refineries causing additional supply issues. Now why WA prices were affected by CA prices is purely due to speculation since CA has a unique formulation of gas that is not used anywhere else so its not like they could borrow some of WA's to hold them over creating a shortage here. Now, there was brief talk of suspending the special CA only formulation requirement for a short period of time, but that never happened but the price spike did. 

But CA resolved its supply issues and the price went back down. Now I got gas in the Prius today for a price of $3.399 or 51 cents lower than what I paid on October 16th.  I purposefully held out as long as I could and it did pay off considering gas was in the $3.50's on Monday. 

So bottom line; Despite what you see, the LEAF is not cheaper to drive by better than 4 to 1.  If there was no free electricity and if  gas had been reasonably priced for the month of October, the difference would have been a much more reasonable 3 to l in favor of the LEAF

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