Monday, January 14, 2013

Car Sharing; Another EV Challenge!

The Nissan LEAF has probably a 50 mile range in the worst of conditions. Cold, rain, snow, etc; all increase the amount of power needed to get the LEAF down the road. The average daily distance driven is less than 40 miles.  This pretty much means that a huge majority of multi-vehicle households could easily incorporate the LEAF in the day to day transportation needs but the LEAF has still failed to take hold.

Nissan just announced awesome pricing for the 2013 LEAF including the Base model S starting at $28,800! That will insure very good lease rates to continue into the new year. Now is this finally going to be enough to get the sales over the top?

One big reason is that effectively taking full advantage of the LEAF requires it to be shared among the drivers of the household. This is not as easy as it sounds. Right now, I am able to do it relatively easily but more thru  control than everyone being on board.  Since I own both cars and I nearly always am first out of the house, The SO is usually left with whatever car is sitting in the driveway when she gets up. Now, as some might guess, this method has not always been a smooth one.

Sharing cars requires planning and a dedication to getting it right. Although we tell each other not to put in stuff that one would need, we still find ourselves running off without something because it was left in the other car. Wherever I could,  I have simply duplicated things I tend to want to have with me when out driving so that has been taken care of to a point. My SO hasnt been able to be as adaptive as I have and am guessing many others would have the same issue.

Also, cars are a very personal thing. The aftermarket Car Bling stores doing very brisk business as always even during tough times simply because many feel a car is an extension of oneself. But bling comes at a relatively steep price so the thought of duplicating the bling besides being expensive, could be met with some resistance especially if your SO does not share your tastes in driving decor.

But an EV does counter the inconvenience of car sharing with pluses of filling up in the comfort of your driveway or garage.  Smooth responsive acceleration and best of all; the ability to sneak out of the neighborhood without making a sound!

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