Friday, July 26, 2013

Topping Off??

On my previous post, I mentioned my GID count was spiraling downward. That has continued getting 244 two consecutive days.  I am still able to get about 77-78 miles of range but by using AC sparingly which is tough considering the much warmer than normal Summer we have been experiencing and by driving slower.

Well this morning I got up and was getting ready for work and had LEAF charging outside. The clear sunny days means a pretty cool night and this morning was true to form being in the mid 50's.  So I figured a top off of charging wouldn't hurt.  Now, I had done this a few times before when I got a lower than normal GID reading and it never helped before but I figured I had nothing to lose so why not? 

The charge had completed about 1245 AM and it was 4:15 AM so plenty of time to balance if there going to be any. Considering I charge to 100% almost daily, I doubt there is much going on but I simply unplugged the car and then plugged it in.  I did check and sure enough, GID count was 245 so just about where it hasbeenthat week. I went back in got ready for work and when I took off an hour later, was very pleased to see I was now at 250 GID!

As mentioned above, I have done this several times before and never gained a single GID. In fact, a few times, I lost a couple so this was a pleasant surprise. Now, why it happened? Well don't know but guessing that the first charge ending just after midnight when the car and pack was much warmer. it was in the mid 80's yesterday and sundown up here does not happen until after 9 PM so the car would have been retaining a bit of that warmth.  Guessing the car cooled off enough from 12:45 to 4:15 to where the BMS allowed the pack to take that little bit extra??  Either way, very interesting!

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