Saturday, March 8, 2014

TCO; Feb 2014 Drive Report

Take out the last week of  February and I would not have done gas at all but a week of North Seattle jobs along with Redmond, Everett and Bellevue mixed in and the LEAF enjoyed a mini vacation.  I did manage to gas it for 404 miles at roughly $37.00. My last fill up (and ONLY fill up for the month) was for $26.50 and went 197 miles on the tank so will carry over $13.50 in cost to March.  My cost per mile in fuel was 9.2 cents per mile. TCO for the month was 16.9 cents per mile with the only additional cost for the month being insurance. Again the primarily freeway driving with minimal urban stop and go allowed me to excel in efficiency averaging just a hair under 39 MPG.

Now previously I was adding my mileage reimbursement from work as I got it but have decided to actually add it in when it actually happened so its more applicable to the running TCO I am tracking. That and the Feb statement from Puget Sound Energy did not come out as quickly as anticipated making the delay between all the pertinent info coming in to just a few days unlike previous months when is more like a week.

The LEAF drove 1248.3 miles using 340 KWH of which just over 19 kwh was courtesy of AV making my financial responsibility covering the final 321 Kwh.  Cost of LEAF at tier 2 rates (80 Kwh) was 10.0889 cents/kwh or $8.07  leaving the balance of 241 kwh at tier one @8.2067 for $27.85.  Home charging cost was $27.85 working out to 2.23 cents per mile and there was no public charging cost. The bill statement ended Mar 3, but will still calculate all of March's driving with the next statement as always since its a few days and fractions of a penny we are talking about.

From work; The LEAF was reimbursed $57.91 from work at either 34 or 35 cents per mile (tied to local gas prices) and billed $68 for insurance, $245.75 for monthly lease and $71.75 for Seattle Seahawk custom license plate (but may have been applied last month)  and this brings lifetime TCO to 23.49 cents per mile driven.

The Corolla received $166.77 and was billed $31.25 in car insurance making its lifetime TCO 109.47 cents per mile

Next Month will be a drastic change with the ongoing new client launch that will increase our regional business by a third (still not sure how the logistics will work with this!) I just spent a week working in the Seattle District (I am in the Tacoma District) and after a week, have already exceeded Feb's gasser mileage. But we are starting the Tacoma District Monday of which 80% of it is well within the LEAF's reach.

My LEAF's charging almost accounted for half my household's electrical use but a short month along with a few trips out of town helped along with the battery in my programmable thermostat dying while we were gone. I had it set to 55º but came home and it was in the mid 40's cause the battery died during the heaters off cycle. (guess it better than coming home to the house being 90 º)  That was fun. Funny thing is that my gas bill did not change more than $2 which I thought would be less  since its gas heat but then again... its hydrocarbon based fuel which means SCREWED AGAIN!!

Until next month!

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