Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dec 2014 Drive Report

Ok, I admit I have been saying for months that I would be driving the Corolla more due to exceeding the lease miles on my LEAF and this month, I finally did it. In December, I drove the LEAF 610.1 miles at a cost of only $6.03 cents which works out to a ridiculous one tenth of a cent per mile and did it without a lot of free public charging. Work reimbursement was a mere $8.64. I ended the year with 17,446 miles on the odometer.

Puget Sound Energy is kicking back some of the profits from selling off assets a few years back dropping my rates to 4 cents per Kwh. Unfortunately, its rumored that rates will be back to normal this month. I guess I picked a bad time to not drive the LEAF.  Murphy's Law wins again!

The Corolla drove 832 miles at a cost of $61.17 or 7.3 cents per mile which was helped a lot by dropping gas prices. FYI; expect even better numbers for Jan as average price paid for gas in December was $2.44 and so far this month, average for Jan is under $2.15 a gallon! So I guess I picked a good time to drive the gasser (Take that Murphy!) Work reimbursement was $257.92

For the year, gas was $479.62 to cover 5903.2 miles or 8.1 cents per mile. Keep in mind; without the typical errands we all must run, my efficiency is higher than a single car household would achieve.  This saved me an estimated $61.13 in gas for the year.  Also had 2 oil changes for a total of $49.12 (having relatives in the car biz means I get good rates!) adding almost a penny a mile to the TCO (.832 cents)

For 2014, the LEAF drove 16,957.8 miles at a cost of $346.93 or 2.04 cents per mile.

Final Note; Not driving the LEAF really does kinda suck. I have to constantly move equipment needed for work back and forth and the Corolla does not have automatic door locks so having to take the key out has really become a bit of an alien concept for me.

But as things usually do, it gives me a chance to run a bit of an experiment. Since I started driving the LEAF much less, I only charge a few times a week and SOC runs between 25 to roughly 70% or so and my battery pack stats have dropped to where they have settled to 62.20 ahr and 95.79% health. This is a pretty big drop from 65 ahr and slightly over 100% health.

So any bets on how much I can recover when I start exercising the LEAF again?  Does anyone think that I might lose this capacity permanently if I let LEAF take too long a vacation? There were times when LEAF sat as much as 48 hours straight but that will be rarer now but driving under 15 miles a day is pretty common right now.

Post your thoughts!!

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