Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 Driving Stats; Time To Boost My Battery Numbers!

Well another month is in the can and another issue for the gasser. Had wheel bearing go out which needed to be fixed. With some favors owed, it cost me $89.43 to get that straightened out but now the car drifts to the right so taking it back in tomorrow to check that out.

The Corolla did make two long trips this month so it was  busy month for it going 720.1 miles at a cost of  $77.42 or 10.75 cents per mile (fuel only)  510 miles of that was in a 2 day period for work. Normally trips that long, I have a company car but there was too many other things going on so I didn't push the issue.  

The LEAF traveled 1095.8 miles for a cost of $19.20 or 1.75 cents per mile. I did do 3 short public charges, all free during the month.   With the odometer sitting just over 22,700 miles on month 17 of my 45,000 mile 36 month lease, I think I am doing ok although I will have to shift more driving to the Corolla this coming Winter again.  

Now, with the two days of gassing plus some local jobs, scheduled days off, etc. I went thru a period of  8 days when I averaged 16 miles of driving per day. Twice I went 2 days without plugging in and when I did plug in, I did not charge over about 70% SOC. This resulted in my lowest battery stat readings including a below 60 ahr reading.

My numbers bottomed out at 59.63 ahr, 91.09% Hx,  259 GIDs and 20.1 kwh available.  Now, these numbers could mean that my theory of a better 2013 battery than what my 2011 had is wrong.  Don't get me wrong. These are not bad numbers at all after nearly 23,000 miles but they are really about the same as my 2011.

So, I guess my challenge will be to boost my numbers to see what I got "left in the tank."  I am not sure I will make 100% Hx, but pretty sure I can at least do 63-64 ahr.  I will have a decent drive (roughly 130 miles) on Saturday that will likely include fast charging (as we all know, fast charging always seems to boost the numbers) so we shall see.

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