Saturday, September 21, 2019


Not my car but pack is obviously hot and still charging at over 51 KW @ 72% SOC. 2016 SV charging on EA.  This is unusual in that highest charging current I have ever seen on mine was 125ish amps. This is at 132 amps.

This is my car. Unfortunately temp toggled off so can't see that but what you can see  is charging @ 42 KW at 81.6% SOC. Charge has been going 27½ mins I have received over 20 kwh in that time.


  1. I thought that you were commenting about your 2018 Leaf (the second picture) and that your SOH was improved considerably. Instead, it seems to be the older Leaf, since number of GIDs is too small for such SOC and the SOH is even higher than 100: 82.7/81.6 = 101.3%.
    In exactly one year, SOH of my 2018 car dropped from 99.26% to 91.15%. The data: ODO = 38500 km (23900 miles), QC=24, L1/L2=660, very gently driven, low consumption. Battery temp never rose above 42 oC (reached only during one or two QCs). It seems that battery is going to be replaced within warranty period. I did not expect something like that, even remotely.
    Like you, I measured very high battery voltages (4.2V per cell) at SOC near or over 90%. It seems that Nissan totally messed up the BMS. Clearly, it can be called VoltageGate.

    1. Nope all 30 kwh info here. This sin't a real post. Only did this to show someone how different 30 kwh packs were against 40 kwh packs. FYI; guessing your build date is roughly 4/18?

      Mine did same as yours. You will notice adjustments happen every 90 days? Well my last adjustment in July my stats went up!

      I check my stats daily and this is only time I saw an increase of any kind. So I predict your next adjustment will go up as well unless you have really bad charging habits.

      Next adjustment is due in 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

  2. Yes, my adjustments happen every 90 days. Like a clock. The picture is below (I hope I can post URL here):
    I am regularly charging the car to 70% and only now and then the car is charged in the range between 90% and 100% (but not for a long).
    I know that the your last adjustment went up. Looking forward to seeing the new data.
    However, what bothers me are very high cell voltages near or above 90% SOH. This should not happen and I think that Nissan BMS is completely screwed up. Hopefully I am wrong.

    1. Agreed and all my previous LEAFs, it was easy to get a baseline on new pack parameters verified by others. But the 2018 has never consistently settled on any specific value when fully charged.

      I don't have a lot of full charge sessions but when I first got the car, I charged to full several times to try to get a baseline and failed. Check out the randomness including one time it charged to OVER 99% SOC and that is real SOC...

  3. I have a 2018 that I took delivery of in April 2018. I charge to 100% twice a day and have over 77 000km, lots of QCs and I have a state of health if 91.8%. My view, state of health is more related to age and extreme heat than mileage. I want to put as many kms on as early as possible. I'm shooting for 400 000km(240 000 miles) in 8 years, at which point I don't care what the state of health is.

    1. I know this will be hard to believe but the LEAF pack is very heat tolerant. Where it fails is Coulombic efficiency. This means its degradation curve at high SOC and temperature is much steeper than most. But temperature is only a catalyst. Its the high voltage that is the culprit.

      But people who live in areas where it never cools like Phoenix, simply can't avoid extensive time at high SOC unless they barely drive at all.

      But in your case; you drive a lot which means very little time at high SOC. "rolling stone gathers no moss" So you will have impressive stats for miles simply because you are beating the clock.

      But heat? The pix here is for the 30 kwh. It was a lease I never intended to buy and I had free charging so I baked the pack. What you see above is something I did several dozen times over a period of 6 weeks. Batteries sailed thru it all with flying colors. But like you, I had no time at high SOC. 30 kwh pack charges full speed to 80% so I rarely ran charge below 40 KW. Simply didn't have the time.