Friday, September 21, 2012

123 Million Miles

Most of you are probably thinking that is how far the Nissan LEAF has driven emission free so far, but no. They have actually gone just over 100 million so not quite there yet.

Actually 123 million miles is how far the Endeavour Space Shuttle flew before being retired.  It was then ferried across the country on the back of a Boeing Airliner today in preparation for its final journey to the California Space Museum in Los Angeles Ca.

The problem is that the 12 mile journey from the airport to the museum will require cutting down 400 trees that line the route. Some of the trees are probably older than the Space Program itself.  Officials state the 72 foot wingspan requires this to happen. They also stated that dismantling the shuttle and reassembling it was not an option either.

Sad to see those trees go.  Wonder why they did not helicopter the vehicle over? maybe too heavy eh?

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