Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Real Pack Measurements

On my Nissan LEAF i bought a meter that measures my charge in GIDs and 281 GIDs is equal to 100%.

now given a range of about 84 miles means each GID is good for .3 miles right?? makes sense since 281 * .3 is 84.3 which is the "new" range guideline (EPA says 73 but I have been beating EPA for years so why stop now?)

well, as we all know, my GID measurements have been all over the map.  and ya, it takes charging to 100% several days in a row to get a good idea of where the pack is due to balancing of the cells and all that kind of stuff right?

Well, the other day, I measured 280. i was immediately suspicious.  i havent seen 280 in months and had driven another 5,000 miles so i monitored the decline.  Sure enough, i lost 2 GIDs within a few hundred FEET.

i continued to lose GIDs until around 275, then it went back to a GID every .3 miles.  since then i have charged to 100% 6 times and each time i have been tracking how fast the first few GIDs leave me and if its above 275, the are out the door faster than i am out of my own driveway! but when it gets to 275, everything goes back to normal!

interesting. so now i guess i am driving a LEAF with "about" 82 miles of range and 98% capacity.

after 20+ months, it is better than I had hoped for!

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