Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012 Drive Report

Its October!! and soon the cost of driving a gas car will go UP! since we will switch to winter time fuel which will lower our gas mileage.  Now we normally dont notice because the price of gas goes down due to less demand and the end of the summer travel season.  (still waiting for that price drop!) But...

The Prius drove 1028.6 miles at a cost of 77.01 @ 7.49 cents per mile.  this will most likely be the last tank being under 50 mpg for  several months. Now the month's cost is estimated taking a charge of $33 on next tank fillup which will be tomorrow using mileage driven in Sept at 7.5 cents per mile

The LEAF performed excellently as well. Did not use the QC as much this month (only 6-7 times more or less) but traveled 1409.4 miles at a cost of $30.63.  QC is still free for the time being but Blink has started charging. Have not yet to use Blink since the pay structure started but if I do, its cost will be tracked as well

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