Sunday, December 2, 2012

November 2012 Driving Stats

Holidays are in full swing. One down, a few more to go! Our driving jumped up considerably this month with the Prius taking up all the slack nearly matching the LEAFs mileage meaning that EV still won the mileage game 1426.6 to 1366.7.

The Prius traveled 30% farther in Nov over Oct while the LEAF traveled 30 miles less.  Thank goodness gas prices dropped considerably from Oct. It "only" cost $93 or 6.8 cents per mile. First time below 8 cents a mile in almost a year.  To illustrate the difficulties of budgeting for the cost of gas.  On Feb 12, 2012 I filled up tank @ $3.359 a gallon for 3rd straight time. Then the powers that be decided that was not enough and on Feb 18, 2012 I paid $3.799 for gas due to various incidences like refinery fires that were supposed to cause a problem when ultimately it did not.  Oil companies made a tidy little Christmas bon... no, guess that would be a "President's Day?" bonus?  Problem is that bonus lasted until AFTER Halloween!

As always; one goes down, the other goes up. The LEAF cost went up from $17.55 in Oct to $23.38 in Nov on 1426.6 miles or 1.63 cents per mile.  The reason for the jump in cost is the reduced use of free quick charging. (Remember, Oct was Quick charge experiment month, AKA lame excuse to be cheap...) Still managed 10 trips to AV,  two to Blink (on same day) for total of 112 Kwh but still free, so it goes. But if I had not charged at the QC's and paid the home rate my cost would have been $34.80 or about 2.4 cents per mile.

Remember the Centrailia commute ends Dec 15th with job change to Lacey for SO starting the 16th.  So will be going from 64 miles RT to about 10 miles. Very nice!!

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