Monday, December 31, 2012

Prius Is On Life Support

Yesterday my SO rear ended a car on her way home hard enough to deploy the front driver and knee air bags.  There is extensive front end damage and I suspect that the car maybe totaled.

So, guess I am in the market for a new car.  With any rear ender, she will be labeled at fault for following too closely and we will be responsible for the $500 deductible but its still a 2010 package 4 with sunroof, etc and 45,000 miles on it so wont get enough to replace the car and maybe that is a good thing.

The amazing lease deals that are going around right now might be the way to go.  If I can get into something for a few thousand down and payments of around $250 or less, that might be ideal.  The other thing is the expense of Ryland's school being so unexpected means the extra cash will allow us to get ahead on the bills for now.

Only thing is what to lease? I would love to get another LEAF but my job occasionally requires me to travel and many are beyond the LEAFs range or seriously challenges it.  On Monday, will need to go to Gig Harbor which is about a 74 mile round trip and in the LEAF it will be a cold slow trip (thank god for the heated jacket!)

Back from Gig Harbor. Preliminary checking on lease deals shows the Volt leases are not as good as they were several weeks ago.  C-Max Energi is more than I want to pay right now.  Looks like it might be another Prius lease I can get for around $199 but taxes are additional and that is the *best* rate. But then again, this would be 4th Prius from same dealer. I should get a volume discount of some sorts.

**note** Getting some feedback that the Prius might not be totaled out. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?  Front end damage seems pretty extensive and had driver front and knee bags deployed.

** 1/5/13  UPDATE; Got voice mail from collision shop that the car is less than $200 from being totaled and there is probable engine damage. They are forwarding information to my insurance company for advice on what to do since they will have to pull engine for further evaluation. The shop is recommending a total loss.

**UPDATE; 1/20/13**

Got email on Friday that EFT has been submitted for just under $23,000 and should get it about 5 minutes AFTER I leave for Yokohama. So much for car shopping before I go.  Will be a rush when I get back for sure. In retrospect, I guess I came out "ok" despite now having to get back into the market for another car.  When I purchased the 2010 Prius, I was part of the Prius Priority Purchase Program and part of the group allowed to view the Prius at the Detroit Auto Show almost exactly 4 years  ago. By taking delivery in May, 2009, I did not have to pay sales tax. so with the discount I received, I paid just over $28,500 out the door.  Getting back as much as I did for over 43 months of driving, I guess I came out ok.

So, I will finish my last minute packing and see you all when I get back next Saturday!


  1. ya a few scary looking bruises but nothing major. the real pain is this happening during the holidays where car rentals, collision centers AND insurance people are all mostly unavailable