Monday, April 29, 2013

Compliance Cars, WA Need Them Too!

For years, California has lead the nation in several different areas, mostly in all things green. Pollution standards for cars being a chief factor. Several states have simply matched emission and warranty levels established by CA and that includes Washington. The practice has become so common that the term "CA Emission Standard" needs no explanation.

My question to WA, is why stop there? Lets take it a step farther and adopt their "EV Compliance Car" regs as well!  Right now, to get a RAV 4 EV, a WA resident can only do so at great risk to themselves. They run a risk of not getting the correct service or not finding a qualified service station to perform any maintenance.

Now, EVs have a reputation of not breaking down which is the reason a handful are taking the chance anyway, but why does it have to be that way?  CA may have the power as the reputed 8th largest economy in the World but the WA auto economy is more than large enough that WA can force Toyota to market and support the car here.  Same with any other compliance car.

Lets face it, the RAV 4 EV is not available in WA because WE simply choose to not bring it here? Is that right? because that is how I see it!

**edit** Crap, crap CRAP!!!
guess what? Honda is pulling out the big guns in the lease game! Bring it to WA PLEASE!!

****Public Service  Alert****
Help us help you! Plug in America has a survey to measure LEAF battery degradation. It takes only a few minutes and will help the EV Brainiacs get the data they need so they can tell us what we can expect down the line

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