Monday, April 1, 2013

Mar 2013 Drive Report

The Yaris traveled 326.6 miles in March with SO's 9 mile commute accounting for nearly all the gas burned at the rate of 11.25 cents per mile or  $36.74  The Fife DCFC allowed me to use the LEAF over the Yaris  at least 3 times.

The LEAF traveled 1963.9 miles at a cost of $42.66 or 2.17 cents per mile. which does include a first ever? "pay for public" charge at the new Blink L2 at Hawks Prairie Medical Center for $2 while getting annual checkup.  I pulled in with very little charge so didnt think I would have made it to the Walgreens 2 miles away and besides, didnt want to sit at Walgreens either so I caved in and bit the bullet.

There was 132.31 Kwh from public charging that was "mostly" free. Semaconnect as always is still free as is Blink and AV quick charge stations.

As one would guess, this is best month ratio wise ever also most miles in the LEAF, least miles in the gasser, etc. and this pace would blow past my 45,000 mile lease limit easily but alas it is not to last! We already have 2 gas trips planned where the distance is not so bad. It is really the lack of convenient fast charging on our route.

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