Monday, October 28, 2013

A Picture (or Graph) is Worth a Thousand Words

Ok, so my attempt at getting feedback on the techniques we are using to recruit new EV'ers has not had a huge response... Thank You!  Seattle Area LEAF Owners (the ONLY respondents so far...) for your contributions. That kind of surprised me. I thought for sure we all had at least one funny, poignant, or scary story to relate, but the holidays are coming. Getting ready for Halloween is no small task! Free time is valuable and all that kinda stuff.

Anyway, if you get the chance, dont forget about that post just because this one is here.  Now, not all of us are good at speeches, sales presentations or simply gushing in public.  I have actually been caught off guard a few times or sometimes I just dont have the time to stop and talk.

For those times, it would be really awesome if I just had an informational flyer with a few pertinent graphs illustrating the benefits of EV Life.  I could just hand it to them, point out a few things and then be on my rushed way.

But we dont want to have too many pages. One is enough really. So real estate is tight. The graphs must be large enough so old people like me can read them and so on.

So, with this in mind; what do you think is irreplaceable on this flyer?  Now, I am not going to make you rack your brain, compromise your values or drive you insane like those "Top 5" lists do.

So you dont have to pick just one. You can pick 2, 3 or even 5 things and you don't have to put them in order.

Now, keep in mind; this and the previous requests were made for a reason and your input is GREATLY needed.  So help me out.

To facilitate a timely response I have reserved a space below for your personal response!

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