Thursday, November 28, 2013

Has Hybrid Technology Prevented EVs From Flourishing?

"Just Take the Prius!" This is the phase we often hear about when discussing EV range limitations,  high costs of public charging,  or simply the time to charge.  But can you blame one? Time is money and frequently the slices of life set aside for leisure trips is limited by the lack of time off work. Even 3 day weekends seem rushed if several additional hours are required both going and returning due to EV charging infrastructure drawbacks.

But the overwhelming success of the Prius shows that Americans are concerned with reducing the cost of commuting. Ignoring HOV exemptions (which are thankfully going away for hybrids at least) the Prius has become a runaway success even attaining #1 sales of any vehicle in California. After 10 years, the Prius is still in a class by itself with its 50 MPG achievements and the best part; it still uses gas so refueling or the time to refuel is simply not even on the table.  It truly is a no compromise solution... But

As cheap as the Prius is to drive, EVs still do better, a LOT better.  Off peak electrical rate discounts, highly efficient drivetrains, and the rapid emergence of Solar power has allowed the savvy EV driver to save several hundred dollars a year that would have normally gone from bank account to gas tank.  But is it enough? Apparently not as many have chosen to pay that extra $1,000 PER YEAR to save themselves from having to set aside time at public charging stations.

But 84  ... 80 ...75 miles (battery degradation is hell ya know...) is more than enough for me most of the time so how often would I really spend at a charging station away from home and is it worth spending an extra $1,000 a year on just fuel costs ignoring the inevitable higher maintenance costs? Having a job that requires travel nearly 100% of the time (sometimes it is travel within my city...) means I probably spend more time at public charging stations than the average EV'er but even then, I have managed to avoid it most of the time.  Total time at charging stations peaked in September and only added up to 11 hours for the month with 8 of those hours charging AT the jobsite so not an inconvenience at all.

But the Prius with its performance can shave several hundred dollars off that Thousand Dollar Bill and it looks like its enough for Hybriders (its my blog so I can make up any word i want!) are using it as an excuse to ignore EVs and leapfrog to Fuel Cells and looks like they have Toyota's blessing to boot.

But those plans can be derailed by providing more options for EV'ers!! (sound familiar?) so where is our 150 mile EV?? Think about it!! It would completely blow the Hybrider Argument out of the water!!

Who is with me??

and Happy Thanksgiving!

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