Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct 2013 Driving Stats

Halloween has come and gone and that means the October Driving Stats are now available.  The LEAF traveled 1924.5 miles costing me $55.77 which of course includes public charging fees totaling $9.38  ($5 Blink  $4.38 from SemaConnect which reduces my $20 balance that I paid a LONG time ago, so that was practically painless ;) )  As always, AV is still free and did account for the bulk of my public charging. I wish the location was more convenient then I would have used it more but then again, if Blink's fast charger was more convenient, I would have used it more as well!

Due to possible issues with the timing of my lease, I am investigating getting a gas car for select transportation needs.  Right now am solidifying the purchase of a project car (i.e. very cheap) with a bit of money put into it that would be shared among family members. Total cost we hope to be in the $2500 range but that all depends on how much the repairs end up being. The LEAF will still provide most of my transportation needs (as long as I have it) but wanting the extra car right now in case there is a gap between turning in the 2011 and getting a 2014. I thought about extending the lease a few months but not sure that will be wise for me as I am going to exceed my lease's mileage limit but we shall see.

Now some of you know that I started using LEAF Spy on Sept 16th. The data I have gotten from it definitely sheds more light on my battery's status but as all measurements that are hard to track, the results have seen some ups and downs. At first I attributed it to the change in weather but now that we have had fairly consistent Fall weather for several weeks now, there is no signs of the data stabilizing at all

Above is my "ahr" chart from Sept 20 to Oct 31. as you can see, there is ups and downs but this morning's reading (not on the chart) is indicating that my stats will probably be settling on a lower plateau as new lows for ahr (56.96) and health (73.8%)  were recorded.

As you can see, the Health chart closely correlates with ahr.  Only time will tell how my pack's capacity will react in the next few weeks but another metric (and a VERY good one!) is Sloaty's Battery Degradation chart which takes time in service, location, performance, weather, and so on to predict mileage at various levels of degradation.

Well using the chart barely a week ago, I got an estimate of 112,117 miles on the LEAF at 70% SOC. Today its now down to 107,420 miles.

Kinda shoots down that theory that colder weather arrests the degradation. Then again, maybe its the fast charges?? Nah!! something that good can't possibly be bad right?

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