Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lease Turn Ins FYI's

Already talked about my concerns over possible ramifications of turning in my LEAF without its pre inspection and sure enough, it came back to bite me. But it bit me in a spot I was not prepared for.

I got a statement charging me $308 for the broken antenna, $188 for the scratch (its a deep one) on the back bumper which I was expecting. Now, I did not get charged for mismatched tires or cleaning (car was a mess) which surprised me but what I did not expect was a $375 charge for a cracked windshield!

I say what?? I know my car had issues but a cracked windshield? no way! and $375?? double no way!! For one thing; I have zero deductible glass repair clause on my insurance policy (remember my previous post about overpaying for insurance right? well, this is something that comes at no additional charge. Its actually a $100 deductible glass repair but they have stated several times that they waive the $100)

So while emailing my sales guy, I am also calling NMAC, they bounce me around to a few people until I get a guy and his first question is "Did you get your pre inspection?"

Well, we all know the answer to that one.  I say no but says "I did a walkaround with my sales guy and we did not notice any issues with windshield."

Mean while, sales guy emails me back stating he only remembered scratch on bumper, broken antenna and "star" on windshield.  WHAT?? what star?  well too late to look at the "star" because car is gone.

So have to think that this $375 charge is the result of damage that people in abandoned K-Mart parking lots fix for $25?

Either way; the rep is submitting a request for an adjustment to the charges and I will find out the status of that request in 3 business days which means Monday I am guessing.

But things that I should have done;

** Get the pre inspection. As mentioned in my previous post; that was the reason I was at the dealership to begin with. But I didn't do it. Let the salesman talk me into doing the swap right then and there. I should have gotten the 2013 and held onto the 2011 to do the inspection at a later date but...

** Take a lot of pictures. Concentrate on the glass and bumpers and any other likely spot that might be damaged in a parking lot incident.

this pre-inspection thing is strange because what is to prevent something from happening between the pre inspection and the actual turn in?  Since the entity responsible for the inspection would not be at the dealership at the time, its possible that something could happen at the dealership that would cause a crack or scratch or dent, right?

Either way; I am not accusing the dealership of damaging the car while it was stored there waiting for the inspection to be done although it would have been there likely over 10 days.  I still get carwings notifications when the car is charged and so I know when it was likely to have been cleaned since the standard procedure is to run the heater on high 2-3 hours to dry the upholstery which as you might imagine would probably warrant a charge afterwards.

So, keep those thoughts in mind when you get ready to terminate your lease. OBTW; As mentioned, I had not gone to the dealership with the thoughts of switching cars so my EVSE was where it always is (and still is) and that is plugged in inside my garage...

**edit**  Feb 1, 2014   Just received word that they erased the debt so no more money is due. Thank you NMAC for your reasonability in this matter! The moral of the story; It never hurts to ask!


  1. Dave,

    We don't lease for that very reason. Back in 2009 we took out a two-year lease on a Smart ForTwo CDI. When we handed it back in 2011 they took every opportunity to hammer us every which way for deductibles. Including bumper damage (it had a tiny scratch below the tailgate) and some other small interior bits n bobs. We ended up with a bill for £600... :(

    I feel your pain. SO much.

  2. Actually got word today that they erased the debt so there was no extra cost for me!

  3. Well, that's a relief. At least you won't be having to deal with the debt, now. But you shouldn't have been made to face with those exorbitant prices to begin with. Windshield repair shouldn't be such a strain, and the same thing must be said about the other kinds of fixes that your car would demand.

    Gale Freeman @ Crash Auto Glass

    1. Gale; I agree but the process is understandable. Nissan did not perform the lease turn in inspection. it was done by an independent 3rd party so it was up to them to perform the inspection using interpreted instructions which could be likely read a few different ways. They only report what they see, its up to Nissan to do the rest and guessing it was all done by computer so there is likely no difference between a hairline crack and a smashed windshield I am guessing. Either way, Nissan was very accommodating!

  4. Thanks for your great info Dave! It will come in very useful when it's my turn to return my leased Leaf in 2017. BTW, did you mean you kept the EV charger that came with your Leaf and the dealer was ok and did not charge you for it? Thx again.

    1. No, never meant to keep it. never meant to take my 2013 home that day either. but as cars salesman go, he wanted the deal done right then and there. this is the reason for the confusion over the fees, etc. It was simply not my intention to turn it in that day but that is how it worked out.