Friday, October 3, 2014

Battery Stats Part Two

September 2014 saw a record 2032 miles on my LEAF so to put it mildly, it was a busy month at work!  Lot of info written by others when taking road trips in their LEAFs and what they saw on their LEAF Spy.  Here is more evidence that your numbers should be looked at as estimates and anything but long term observation should be taken with a small grain of Salt.

Every day, I reset my "miles/kwh" and Trip A on my LEAF.  Here is a record of the week just finished. If kwh available and GID is blank, that only means I did not complete a charge. Reasons why I would not is slow driving days or in one case, simply not enough time to complete a charge before my next work assignment

headers in order from left to right

miles driven
kwh available from LEAF Spy
ahr from LEAF Spy
Hx from LEAF Spy

36.9   5.9   276   21.4   63.52   97.92
99.9   4.3   281   21.8   64.71   99.09
52.3   4.5   283   21.9   65.34   99.93
140.1                            66.39   101.86
69.3   5.0   284   22.0   66.19   101.49
47.3   4.4   284   22.0   65.90   100.93
101.1  4.7   284   22.0  65.96  101.04
58.0   4.7   284   22.0   65.72   100.61
150.2  4.4                     65.90   100.94
   ***24 hour lay over***
20.0   5.4   280    21.7  64.38   98.66

Notice the big drop when I gave the LEAF the day off along with a slow driving day the next day?


Bad; Recently Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks commenting on his "too good to be believable" image he has gained.  He admits to being a bully when growing up and beating up other kids in school.

Good; If I was judged by what I did as a kid, I would not be looked at as a very good person either. Now, I am hardly Father of the year or anything like that but I have made a lot of progress as a person as most of us do so don't judge Wilson on his exploits as a kid but how he was able to learn, change and adjust to be the person he is today.

Bad; Steve Marsh, the undisputed LEAF mileage king lost his 4th capacity bar this week. He is now querying dealers in the area for a battery replacement.

Good; Steve lost his bar at 129,400 miles.  If the cost is $5499 but install (remember there is no sales tax for EV's or their related parts in WA)  that works out to about 4.4 cents per mile.  Add to that the low (or non existent for some) maintenance costs and the LEAF is still cheaper to drive than a Prius!

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