Sunday, November 23, 2014

TCO Equals ZERO!!!

On Wednesday, I booked 78 miles of personal transportation for work which they will reimburse me at the rate of probably 39 cents per mile. This brings my total reimbursement in the LEAF for 2014 to roughly $4352.

So what does that mean?  Well in 2014,  my expenses were

Lease @ $245.75 a month or $2949
Insurance   $837  (5 months at $68 and probably 7 months at $71)
electricity/public charging fees estimated;  $375  (YTD $342.71)
Tabs; $179.75 which does include a $100 EV penalty fee (I call it like it is!!) and a $30 Seattle Seahawk custom plate fee (wouldn't leave home without it!)  other than that, WA State tabs are fairly cheap if you don't live in the rapid transit district up north :)

But all that adds up to... oh wait!  Maintenance was about $10 for windshield wipers although they have not been installed yet.  so "that" adds up to $4,350.75

which means my total cost of ownership for the rest of the year is PAID OFF!!

Now, in all fairness, I should mention this has not been without repercussions since I am nearly 17,000 miles on my LEAF with 5 weeks left in my first year of my 15,000 mile annual lease.  So I should probably add  $300 to the cost of TCO for a lease mileage penalty... BUT I AM NOT!!! (Mostly because I don't want to delete this post...)

Actually, I will likely just break even this year and considered removing items that were not required for the car like the Seahawks tab costs but then again, would that be a true TCO?  I guess it could be a true CO... or FCO (false cost of ownership?)  or maybe I am putting too much into it. I did spend $10.87 on wiper blades that I have yet to install. I could wait till January.  But anyway, on the break even comment; if anyone remembers, I did break my passenger side view mirror mount and it was $239 to replace that piece of plastic so that will probably push my true TCO nearer to Christmas than Thanksgiving but I still have plenty to be thankful for!


  1. 39c/mile. That's not much!!

    I get about 54c/mile but I do a lot fewer miles than yourself.

    I get just enough in return to pay my charging expenses each month.

  2. ya, I have the option to file for the difference but would have to itemize to do it and I simply don't have enough deductible to make it work. I almost wish my employer did not pay me at all and I could get the full amount then but then again, that is about $6,000 tax free dollars missing from my paycheck so I am happy the way it is now.