Saturday, September 5, 2015

August 2015 Drive Report

Well, vacation is over and back into the swing of things a few days late into the month driving 1541.3  miles in the LEAF for a cost of $27.28 (Last fillup in the Corolla was nearly the same cost) or 1.8 cents per mile which is a bit higher than my recent 1.7 cents per mile due to no free juice this month. Happy to report 2 100+ mile days on a single charge with both days aided by very slow traffic. (pretty much an unavoidable daily occurrence. Hard to believe the area only ranks as 7th worst traffic...)

For the 2nd month in a row, I have to estimate the Corolla's performance so using the same numbers as last month of 7.68 cents per mile driving 113.9 miles for an estimated cost of $8.75.   This will change as the LEAF is approaching 27,000 miles with my annual lease limit of 30,000 miles being Dec 23rd which means I will pretty have to shift more driving to the Corolla.  FYI; last trip to the gas station was July 9th.

As most of you know; I drive slow to insure my range is enough to get me where I need to go so I decided to go the opposite to see how well I would do if time was paramount to my destination so I tried three commutes at 70 mph.  With traffic, I was unable to maintain a constant 70 mph speed so the trips ended up varying in speeds between 65 and 75 mph per LEAF speedo.  As it was work required trips, there is some street level speeds required at each end but no more or less than "real life"  and one (Sears in Puyallup) was only a few blocks off the freeway so the numbers should not be used as reference, just an interesting tidbit of LEAF range info but the trips yielded estimated ranges of  77, 73 (rain) and 81 miles on distances of 61.2,  65.9 and 73 miles to an estimated SOC of 2%.

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