Saturday, March 11, 2017

February 2017 Drive Report

Well this was the "calm before the storm" as work is generally slower in February because of the massive rush of work right before and after the beginning of the year so the LEAF only traveled 1189.4 miles costing me $15.37 or 1.3 cents per mile. This total does include a public charging fee of 44 cents for an emergency Blink stop.  What can I say? I did not take into consideration the very heavy headwinds of the day!  

NCTC did help me get "some" of that money back. I did help myself to 189.4 KWh of free juice for the month.  The light driving was evident with 10 days of 20 miles or less driven plus 2 days the LEAF never left the garage.   Contrast that to the first 10 days or March where I have gone over 100 miles 5 times including two days over 150 miles.

To make my math more simple, I have decided to start a policy of getting gas for the Corolla on the last day of the month. (or as near to it as possible) This simplifies the monthly cost calculations and takes into account months where the price of gas changes dramatically which I think is going to happen more this year than the recent past.

The Corolla went 271.1 miles costing $17.86 (more than the LEAF in case you didn't notice... :) ) or  6.8 cents per mile despite getting over 39 MPG.

There were no maintenance costs for either vehicles. I did rotate the LEAF tires at the 5,000 mile mark but did that on my own costing me nothing but time. I am getting older cause it took me almost 45 mins to finish the job which is a far cry from the 25-30 mins it used to take me but then again, I was in no particular hurry either. Since it was rainy, I did it while parked in the garage which means a lot less space to work in which naturally slowed me down a bit.

Other than that, Nissan has spoken! They are so secretive and low key about everything LEAF its really pain but their latest announcement has generated the most excitement since the LEAF was introduced.   Nissan promises LEAF II to exceed expectations in price, value and range. So we shall see.  I have said often that I would buy a 40 kwh LEAF but it all depends on price!

Bolt sales down. Despite an expanding market, sales dropped for February. This was somewhat expected as lease terms for the Bolt are either pathetic or non existent.   WA State is seeing Bolts earlier that then slated April launch with deliveries earlier this week. Maybe Chevy is trying to take advantage of EV hotbeds and pent up demand for more range?   Chevy; you can fix this by doing us Leasers right!

Finally, for all of you who think I am taking advantage of NCTC to the extreme (well, partially maybe...) you B WRONG!  I am doing it in the name of science. (and cheapness!)

Remember I am collecting data on how differently the 30 kwh pack charges over the 24 kwh pack. Earlier I related one crazy incident at the Tumwater AV where I charged at 40 KW past 83% SOC! Well, as mentioned, I suspected it was simply my LEAF BMS sleeping on the job and apparently that was correct.  My excessive use of the free juice train was an attempt to reproduce those results and I have so far failed... several times!

Looks like if starting at a lower SOC, the station will run at full or near full speed until 75% SOC. If starting at a higher SOC, the rate starts dropping below 70%. Doesn't matter if its a 50 KW charger or a 40 KW charger.   I have yet to notice any temperature differences and although most of my charges have started at lower temps with cells in the low 50's or so, I have done a  few twice a day QCs with the 2nd charges starting with temps in the 70's and have seen no change in the patterns.

But I just have to post this log of the Tumwater event....only to show it really happened. As anyone with LEAF Spy knows, the logs are packed with info so I have removed the extraneous stuff so you can see the basics.

As you can see, the GID count was at 312 by the time the charger dropped below 40 KW.  Completely different than these.

Remember these are just previews! Still working the charging things. Notice the black lines for pack temps?  Pretty flat.  I have to guess the temps are displayed in C and they apparently aren't sampled much. Notice the jumps?  Weird eh? If anyone knows how to address this, let me know!

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