Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Drive Report; The Eve Of A New Era

Ok,  a very different kind of report here.

First thing I realized is my old decrepit Corolla simply should not be called upon to drive a 1000 miles a week but sadly that is what she was asked to do and she it without a single complaint.

2nd; After 10+ years driving EVs as my primary transportation, I had forgotten how inconvenient it is to stop for gas especially at the end of a 15 hour work day. It really SUCKS!

3rd; I just discovered (unfortunately) another financial benefit to leasing especially if you leased a late 2016 or 2017 LEAF with very high incentives and discounts.  More on that in a later blog as I finalize that story!

On to the stats!  The LEAF went 1055.3 miles in an abbreviated month finishing with 29,413.8 miles.  As always the stats bounced around a bit based on how much recent fast charging was done so I would say she finished with  ahr of 81.2ish,  SOH of 100% and Hx of about 98%.  Cost to charge was $11.84 or 1.1 cents per mile.  Due to the extensive driving, a lot of public charging was required which drove down the cost.  She died with roughly a 75% charge as I had just gotten a 15 min QC boost from Tacoma Mall a mere mile from the murder scene.

The Corolla's; (notice the plural?)  My original intent was to not rent a car and apply to the liable party to reimburse me something for not renting. This I did with my 2004 Prius settlement and was reimbursed slightly more than half of the best possible rental rate available. Not full value but better than nothing but as mentioned above, the accident happened in the middle of our busiest season. In a mere 8 days,  the  Grandfather Corolla went 1197.7 miles costing $99.05 or 7.9 cents per mile during a period in which Costco Gas went from $2.559 to $2.759.

"Kid" Corolla went 729.7 miles costing $61.01  or 8.2 cents per mile.  That brings the gasser total to $160.06 or roughly what I gas in about 6 months!

Side note; My Corolla has just past the miles I drove in a year on my LEAF (26,100.2 miles) with the odometer marking 26,127.9 miles and it only took "barely" over 5 years to do it! 

TCO Note; My Corolla, despite gas prices as low as $1.799 on February 29th, 2016, costs $1749.53 to travel that 26,127.9 miles.   My LEAF cost me  $254.16 to travel the 16,100.2 but that included a LOT of help from NCTC.    Without NCTC and relying on home charging only, it would have been at least $573.89.  Due to the amount of driving, I would likely be doing at least 40-75% at tier two rates which are higher... 

I had fully expected to report mileage from my 2018 LEAF but that has not happened yet. Hopefully soon. If I continue this gasser thing for much longer, I may need to take out a payday loan! 😬


  1. Hope you are doing okay Dave and that you will soon be out of gass er land again. Do you have a 2018 on order yet? Is your man at Campbell trying to work some magic for you behind the scenes. Perhaps get you one where the expected buyer canceled. Have you considered one of cheap leases on the few remaining Kia Soul EVs, I know the range is no where near the 2018 Leaf but it does have the heat pump and active battery temperature management so the range should not vary as much seasonally. I also think it would be helpful if you could breakdown in more simple terms the insurance settlement on your wrecked 2016? Leaf. I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that essentially the car is gone and that the remaining payments that you would have made are no longer your obligation and that that would be about it. The information you posted suggests there's more to it than that.

    1. I ordered the 2018 LEAF back when they first started taking orders. Didn't think I would be waiting for one of the first ones out of the gate since I had almost 2 years left on the 2016 though. I realistically am not settling for less than 150 miles of range but moreso, interested in the tech the new LEAF offers. It is a refresh in some sense but also very much a different car in another sense.

      As far as the insurance process on my 2016. I filed a claim on it thru my insurance company to get everything done quicker. They have closed the books on their end and I ended up with check per prev. blog. Now they are going after the liable party to recover my $1000 deductible and my car rental (about $300) so I expect to get that back eventually. I decided to let my insurance company handle it because it would be quicker (got my settlement and NMAC paid off in 11 days!) and I am ok with waiting for the final part to come back.

      But basically; On my zero down lease, I will get back just over $2500 after making 14 payments of $245.99 or $3443.86. There is some other money I got back and a blog in the near future will cover the total TCO of my S30 and it will be a shocker to many. I did very well.

  2. Sounds like you did quite well, maybe enough to justify a move up to the SV tech package. Or is that what you ordered anyway? Anyway, for those as curious as I am, what color are you going to get.

    1. SV with Tech and Climate! That puts the MSRP almost identical to the Model 3. Makes for a great comparison!

      Now this was written 2 months ago so things have changed a bit but not enough to change the conclusions!