Thursday, October 18, 2012

What He Said

If you havent already noticed (most do right away) I suffer from Adult ADD or at least I can say yes 18 times on a survey that only requires 10 yeses to be strongly suspected on having it...

So, that means I have a degraded ability to form thoughts, plan things, etc. and I have to say I fully agree with that. These blogs are a prime example.

When preparing to write a new entry, the one thing that applies to all of them is that I never plan to write one.  I just happen to get a thought in my head about something and then away I type.  This "process" has a tendancy to produce rather scattered trains of thought (some resembling traffic jams more than trains...) that can make making a point rather confusing.

I also have a tendancy to make statements that someone very familiar with the subject would understand but the casual reader would not which is also bad.

So when someone is able to put my thoughts down better than I ever could and claim them as their own, I am not upset... He, like anyone is more than welcome to share my views!!

So the explanation for the link. I was just going to post the title and the link but thought a brief explanation might be in order.

Either way,  my main topic seems to be centered around my LEAF and why should it not? the LEAF is an amazing innovation and it is used by us daily and it has performed better than expected.  The problem is I get chances to talk with people who are interested in electric vehicle technology and they end up discounting a LEAF in their future based on misguided information, prejudices and reactions about EVs from Non EV'ers... How is that exactly?


  1. I too have a Leaf. Her name's Eva (as in Wall-E movie, she's white). Lots of people ask me questions and are curious about her. However it will take a lot of education by EV owners and manufacturers to bring the masses on board. It's a totally different way of looking at owning, driving and fueling. The local auto dealers don't seem to be doing their part. Last time I visited my Nissan dealer no one knew much about the Leaf. Sad.

  2. A fellow LEAFer!! Awesome!! I linked to Mr. Destler's article because it is one of the clearest, best written articles on EVs I have seen. I have been driving electric over 5 years including 3½ years in my ZENN NEV which was my sole source of my commuting transportation. I have been pushing conservation for twice that long. So many people could greatly benefit with an EV/ICE household but dismiss the option due to the limitations of the EV's range not realizing how infrequently they actually drive that far.

    Add to that the Oil Industry and MOST of the auto industry perpetuating the myths with comments based in half truths and one sidedness...

    Yes, EVs have a long uphill battle. They will win, but I rather see them win in 2-3 years instead of 2-3 decades...