Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jan Driving Stats

okie dokie. Due to being in Japan for a month, the LEAF did not travel very far traveling only 959.6 miles at a cost of $25.33 with only 2 short free public charges for a cost of 2.6 cents per mile.

 For those who dont know; Prius was totaled at end of December so between a Fiesta rental and our 2011 Yaris purchased to replace Prius, we put in a total of $77 in gas.  Prelim results shows both vehicles getting around 38 mpg so guessing gas costs will be more or less the same as before but due to SO job location change which means we simply will be driving less miles.

As far as decision to get Yaris, despite my recommendations; SO was determined to buy a car. I thought leasing would lower monthly payments and get us more car but since i bought the last 5 cars, it was her turn and her decision. But the Yaris had pretty low miles (32 K) so not too bad I guess.  But first car in 9 years to not have backup camera smart key entry, etc. so the old habit of pulling FOB out to get into car is still something I am trying to get used to again...

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