Sunday, February 24, 2013

SB 5849; Provide Fines For ICE'ing EV Charging Stations

On Friday a bill SB 5849 was introduced to the WA State Legislators to create a bill that would levy a $250 fine for EV charging station violators. This is a good thing and I encourage everyone in WA to write their representatives to encourage them to support this bill as well.

I have posted a copy of my response and anyone is welcome to use my letter or use it as a template.

I am pleased with the support that WA has provided me and my fellow electric vehicle drivers with sponsorship of the West Coast Green Highway, sales tax waivers, etc. But the money spent to install public charging stations is being wasted if an electric vehicle is blocked from charging and this needs to be addressed. I am counting on your support for SB 5849 to provide fines for violators much the same as the way handicap parking violations works. 

Currently Electric Vehicles are having issues being "ICE'd" (Internal Combustion Engine) where a gas powered car is taking the space without being able to plug in preventing an electric only vehicle from using the station as it was designed for. 

This situation is causing problems for existing EV (electric vehicle) owners and could inhibit adoption of EVs as a viable source of transportation for WA State. 

EVs provide many benefits to the state. They are clean, provide no emissions and use a resource we have in abundance; electricity.  Most EVs charge at night when we have too much electricity so this will help balance the load and allow WA to utilize our natural resources within the state instead of selling excess power to other states at prices way below market rates. 

Building an infrastructure of any kind requires workers and vendors who operate locally, so building and maintaining the electric vehicle charging network also creates jobs.  

Every mile driven on electric is one less mile powered by gasoline, a resource we must import at great expense to our budget, environment, climate and our children's future. 

All in all, EVs are a win-win for WA but there is a limitation of range that these public charging stations address. More than one time I was forced to find another station or simply wait for the offender to move. As an early adopter, I will compromise much more than the average commuter simply because I know that adoption only happens when the first stone is turned and I am part of a growing movement that will prove to its neighbors, friends and co-workers that EVs can and do have a place in WA. But other people will not feel the same way. But this barrier is an easy one to remove with your help.

Thank you for your time.


David Laur; EV driver since 2007 including over 28,000 miles on my Nissan LEAF

To provide your support and find your representative go here


  1. I looked at this earlier, is there a way to directly contact my rep through that link? or do I need to contact them and reference that bill?

  2. Ryan; what i did is click on link at left "find your legislator" I came up with a list of 3 but I also live 2 blocks away from Olympia/Lacey boundary so I sent mine to about 6 different people. here you will have an email link to whom you choose