Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feb 2013 Drive Report

Gone are the gasser days of 5-6 cents a mile. With the Prius being wrecked, the 2011 Yaris takes its place and its running 8-10 cents a mile for gas costs and that cost will probably go up.  Gas went from $3.279 to $3.659 during the month and I am guessing that has already gone up. In other news, Friday, March 1st, Oil set a new "low" price for 2013 at just over... ahh, what does it matter??

Now, the SO's job transfer from Centrailia to Lacey means she drives the Yaris most of the time since it is our policy that the LEAF takes the longest trip of the day that is easily manageable with the existing public charging system combined with its range which varies greatly due to the seasons.  There are occasions where I take the Yaris for the longer drives due to my work needs.

The Leaf traveled 1261.5 miles in Feb for cost of $29.75 or 2.36 cents per mile in home electricity cost all of which was billed at tier 2 Puget Sound Energy rates which after taxes and such worked out to about 10.7 cents per Kwh.

In that mix was 10 public charging sessions (all free) using Ecotality, Semaconnect and AV stations adding 68.83 Kwh of power.  If that power was billed at the same home rate, my cost per mile "jumps" to 2.94 cents per mile.

As a side note; I did get a chance to talk with Shandy; the Ecotality Rep who was working on the Fife DCFC who states they hope to install another 20-25 stations in the Puget Sound region and start a monthly subscription service for unlimited access. She mentioned $15 a month which I thought was more than an excellent deal but would really depend on where and when these stations come about.  Right now, the Fife Station is the only one in my area.  Put 4-5 well placed stations around me and it would be a great deal at double the price!

The Yaris did travel 1023 miles (that included trips totaling 300 miles the last week of Feb) for a prorated gas cost of  $104.59 or 10.22 cents per mile.  In defense of the Yaris; when I take it for work, 25% of the time I have co-workers with me which means a much heavier passenger load than I normally see when solo'ing in the LEAF although the LEAF was used twice for work with a passenger in Feb.

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