Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Week in EVton; Carwings Is Your Friend

The week was relatively uneventful but not completely without some minor detours.  I decided to do a range test of sorts to check the tires, etc.  Unlike my normal tests, I decided to see how speed affected the range and did it ever!

I set my speed using the cruise control to 65 mph and drove 59.2 miles starting with GID count of 277 and ended with 23 GID for projected range of just over 62 miles! Yes, it was cold (27º) but I was shocked.

I then went home keeping speeds between 55-60 mph and drove 58.9 miles and ended with GID count of 70 or projected range of 75 miles. It was warmer (45º) and I usually am better by a few miles in this direction but the adage "Speed Kills" really applies here!

A great thing happened this week. A LEAFer in Seattle was contacted by Nissan who stated they detected irregularities in his LEAF from his charging records that were transmitted by CARWINGS.  On Nissan's recommendation, he took his LEAF to the dealer to have it looked at and sure enough they found a defective cell.  It was replaced and now everything is fine.

What is even more unusual is that he never had any dash lights, warnings or any other indication that something was wrong.  It is probably good that a bad cell is detected quickly since its failure to "hold up its end" will cause other good cells to degrade prematurely.  So kudos to CARWINGS (probably their first ever!) and Nissan for being proactive in fixing the problem before it became an issue

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