Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Week in EVburgh; On Sale Now!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Hope you are wearing green unless you are cute, then I hope you're not!  (just kidding)

Couldnt help but notice when getting gas for the 2011 Yaris last week that it had  exactly 4,100 miles more than the LEAF.  Now, both are 2011's but the Yaris has not been driven much lately. The Fife DCFC has helped me eliminate a few of the trips I used to use the Yaris for and the work schedule has either been close or a vanpool was available (which only requires about a 50 mile round trip in the LEAF)

Either way, my goal is for the LEAF to exceed the Yaris mileage by the end of the year. So far on the first 17 days of March; Yaris miles month to date; 220. The LEAF; 988. I think it will be close!

SB 5489 Update; The bill passed the Senate and should go to the "other" half (Representatives) then the governor.  The vote was very encouraging as it passed like 45-3 I think or something similarly lopsided.  Only change made was the fine was reduced from $250 to $124 (which is just about the amount of gas tax paid by me last year. coincidence I am thinking  ;) )

The "ICE'ing Fines" experiment left little doubt of its effectiveness. From Seattle LEAF owners on Facebook;
 All I know when the signs were up the spots were not ICE'd but when they were down ICEing galore!
 Someone eventually took down the signs and the ICE'ing picked up right where it left off almost immediately and that did not go over well with the EV community.

You would think the business owner that went through the trouble of putting these charging stations in their parking lot would care more about whether or not EV drivers can actually use them.
Personally, I think the business owners are relieved that the parking bill is on the table. Takes the responsibility of being the "bad guy" out of their hands.

One comment lamenting why the issue is worse in some areas than others;
Wonder why this is such an issue there, but not at Lake City. Totem Lake is slightly closer to front door, I guess.
Guessing, this poster was lucky enough to be there when it was not busy.  Locations of the charging stations is a key consideration and I am very willing to walk a hundred yards or whatever if I have a better chance of being able to plug in when I need a charge.  A few of the Walgreens put their charger in the back lot if they have one which is a great idea. Those spots are never taken up.

But sometimes it is just the attitude of the people. I have to recognize the people of Lacey, WA  as one of the more considerate in this area. The Walgreens in Hawk's Prairie has one of the only (had the ONLY one until Providence put some Blinks at their new medical building) chargers in NE Lacey.  It is in the front of the building at the far left but situated right next to the Redbox machines that also sit out front. Despite the close proximity, the station has never been ICE'd. Now, being so close to home, I have only charged there 3-4 times, but drive by there frequently and I always look (mostly for other LEAFs) and so far, so good!

Can't wait for the March 2013 sales report. I think LEAF sales will really prove that the biggest problem Nissan had with 2012 sales was not range anxiety but sticker shock.

Seeing much more activity on the public forums over people picking up 2013's and reports of dealers doing very brisk business.  Eastside Nissan of Bellevue, WA has 25 LEAF loaners! Like WOW!

But if predicting sales, I would think 1400-1500 this month,  2000+ for April.

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