Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016 Drive Report; EZ Charge Update

Because my timing sucks as usual, I am currently running various scenarios thru my head trying to decide the best course of action when my current lease runs out in December of this year.  As always, I have to deal with several promises and expectations currently running rampant in the EV World.

With the pending availability of the Bolt, LEAF II and others, I had thought about extending my current lease up to 6 months in order to get something with more range.  This means more compromise on the range. I won't lose any capacity bars but remember, I have a job that pretty much requires a lot more range than my LEAF could deliver when new, at least occasionally.  This means more public charging so when Nissan offered EZ Charge as part of their settlement, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know the current state of public charging companies and what my best options were, so I sacrificed my $50 and signed up.  But more on that later.

For the month, the LEAF went 1365.2 miles costing $28.94 which includes $6.99 in public charging fees. This worked out to 2.11 cents per mile which is slightly better than normal due to the charging on the EZ Charge program.

The Corolla went 649.9 miles costing $31.26 or about 4.8 cents per mile. Now all this is using the "cheap" gas that was under $2 a gallon.  Last fillup was March 9th. The cost will be going up as current prices are running in the $2.15 range, a 30 cent per gallon jump. Guess Summer time is coming!

I will be posting a lot more details as I pile up charging sessions but a few observations;

AV charges fastest actually hitting "the max" of 48 KW briefly.

NRG charges slowest, but partially due to hardware limitations. The fast charger is rated up to 500 volts but the LEAF won't get much higher than about 398 or so but the current max'es out at 100 amps on the station so best you can hope for is about 39.8 KW which is exactly what I saw.

Unlike my 2011, the SOC displayed on the chargers are pretty close to what LEAF Spy reports generally being 1-2 % off at the most.

Looks like charging efficiency is about 94-96%.  Now, I only really have a roundabout way of figuring this so if anyone has a better way or better stats, please chime in!

And finally.... Everyone is finally working ok. Now will I get 90 days free charging or will it be 84 (AV) to 89 (NRG) days?

Much more to follow!

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