Sunday, June 8, 2014

Exercise Your LEAF!

Touched on this before but revisiting this due to a clear and obvious result.  May was travel month. Went to Disney, Alaska and Ohio. Gone 14 days which means several extended idle periods for the LEAF.  The LEAF does not do well in a stationary state. It needs to move and the more the better.

The Alaska trip and the Ohio trip were only 6 days apart and in between was Memorial Day weekend which meant the LEAF traveled 31 miles in 3 days then sat for 5 days again.  this saw my numbers plunge to 62.71 ahr,  96.45% Hx and 21.6 kwh.

Well, like all good things, vacation came to an end and work was waiting. My first full charge netted me a GID count of 272. drove 79.6 miles, parked it charged up and the next day it was 273 with 21.8 kwh, 62.97 and 96.80. Well, an improvement I guess.

The next day it was 45.3 miles 275 GID, 22 kwh, 63.39 and 97.33. Well, headed in the right direction but this was SLOW!! So I brought out the secret weapon; Chademo!!

The next day, armed with a 13 Kwh chademo boost (way more than I needed but was slow doing paperwork!) I went 16.6 miles with 284 GID, back to my normal 22.7 kwh, 66.44 ahr and 100.95% Hx!

Now, we talking! But the Hx was a bit disappointing so did a 6 kwh Chademo boost the next day and went 95.1 miles at 284, 22.7 kwh, 66.50 ahr and 102.30% Hx. Ok, back to normal!

So, remember; Exercise your LEAF!

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