Sunday, June 8, 2014

May 2014 Drive Report

May saw me away from home for nearly half the month with trips to California, Alaska and Ohio so I only drove about half the mileage I normally did. The Corolla drove 306.6 miles all of which was doable with the LEAF but driven to keep the car from sitting and once while sitting at an airport car lot. (Did not want to have the LEAF sitting out in the Sun for 6 days...)  Again, there was only one trip to the gas station on May 10th and so using that performance, it was about $27.00 (edited. was actually $27.38. see below for details) for fuel at 8.8 cents per mile. The real number will have to wait until my next trip to the station. Work reimbursement was $60.06 for the month bringing TCO to 73.8 cents per mile after gas, insurance, etc. is accounted for.

The LEAF drove 946.9 miles costing $19.31 benefiting from a half dozen free public charging sessions. I did manage to cough up $6.12 for fees though so it wasn't all gratis but still managed to push my per mile cost to 2.03 cents per mile.  Warmer weather played a part. I benefit from ungodly work hours which means driving during the cool part of the day frequently which means on A/C use is very doable. 3 times, I averaged over 6 miles per Kwh. Now those were short days and mostly because I was not working or working locally.  But did manage 3 days over 5.5 miles per kwh driving distances over 50 miles so those were MUCH greater accomplishments. Work kick backs totaled 274.33 including bumping up the mileage rate to 40 cents per (about time!)  TCO is now running at 16.2 cents per mile.

FYI; Ok, I admit being gone for 14 days last month contributed but my combined gas/electric bill for the month was $68!!!  Nice!

**EDIT** Finally "bit the bullet" and went to the gas station. So real cost was slightly higher at 8.93 cents per mile. This also included a small drop in efficiency getting a still very good 41.98 miles per gallon (drop probably due to using A/C!)  Fuel date was June 11th making the refuel intervals smaller at one month and one day from the previous 7 week interval. 


  1. Hi Dave
    Love your posts. Might be a very rare and unusual typo on this one. "fuel at 8.8 cents per gallon"
    Grabs jerry can and sets GPS for OlyWa. :-) Heeheee.

    1. oops!! corrected! thanks for the heads up. that should be mile